A Long Way from Home

Thu Apr 13 – Sat Apr 15

After three very long, tiring days of travel we’ve finally arrived in London. 

Our trip to Sydney was good until we got to the northern parts of Sydney. From there we had to battle through the very heavy Easter traffic & the delay caused by an accident on the M7. It took us two hours to cross the city from Wahroonga to Panania but we were rewarded with an evening spent with our children, their partners & the two cutest grandchildren that a person could hope for. 

Kate, Ross, Becky & Pete with Patrick & Sophie

We had an early start on Friday – up at 4.15 am to be at the airport by 5 am (thanks Kate for driving us). Our 11 hour flight to Seoul went smoothly & Korean Air put us up for the night in the Grand Hyatt Incheon which will probably be the best accommodation we’ll have for the entire trip. 

Our room at the Grand Hyatt Incheon

One of the dishes available for breakfast from the buffet was stir fried anchovies with walnuts & hazelnuts. (It wasn’t my favourite)

On Saturday we had a 12 hour flight to London. After doing a loop around North Korean territory we flew north across China then over Russia & Scandinavia then finally we followed the River Thames to Heathrow airport. It was cloudy most of the way (I kept peeking), which was pleasing because I would have been very unhappy at having to have the window shutter down if there was a clear view. 

The island of settlement at Incheon

The changing course of a river in northern China was clearly evident from the air

The Thames River looking towards the coast

Once in London we caught the train then walked to our accommodation in Kensington. We are very fortunate to be able to stay in the lovely home of Kathy, the sister of a friend from Macksville. 

Front entrance at Kathy’s

Now that the travelling is done we can get down to the serious business of enjoying our holiday. 


14 thoughts on “A Long Way from Home

  1. So glad you’ve arrived safely, and I hope you have a chance to get over the trip before heading to Canterbury. Love the photo of the river in China xx


  2. I’m glad you’ve made it safely!!! Excuse my ignorance, but why did the shutter have to be down the whole way?


    • Hi Ross. It wasn’t the *whole* way, but a fair portion of it. Don’t know the reason for sure but we have had it on a few flights where the flight attendants have insisted that all shutters are down for a period of time. A synic might think that it was so that many would go to sleep & not call them so much. 😎


      • Oh haha, the cynic in me was thinking it was so noone could see plane lights to shoot it out of the sky! Hopefully it’s nothing that sinister!


      • The cynic in me was thinking along the same lines as Ross… A sad reflection of the world we live in / hear about these days.

        Kathy’s house looks lovely, so glad you have had somewhere nice to base yourselves in London πŸ™‚


  3. Pleased you survived that horrid flight – now on to more enjoyable things for you.
    Weather fantastic here over Easter. I’ve had a wonderful weekend with family around – including beautiful mornings at the beach (last days of summer I guess), a dinner with all of us one evening, and lunch another day all together – I’ve enjoyed it so much.
    Enjoy your travels. xx Di


    • Di,
      Sounds like you had a great Easter! We could do with some of that warm weather here. Supposed to be Spring but max of about 10Β°C today & only about 12-13 other days so far. Cold winds too. Hoping for a bit warmer soon. We’ll probably be complaining about the heat by the time we have finished though. πŸ˜ƒ


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