This year Jen and Peter are returning to Europe. We will start in Canterbury in England and walk on the via Francigena which terminates in Rome. If we make it to Lausanne in Switzerland (about 1,000km) then we will definitely stop as we have already walked the 1,100km from Lausanne to Rome. Quite possibly we will not make it all the way to Lausanne in one go but that would be our ultimate goal.

The map below shows the approximate route of our four via Francigena walks:
2010: San Miniato to Rome, 360km
2013: Lausanne to Vercelli, 280km
2015: Vercelli to San Miniato, 500km
2017: Canterbury to Lausanne, 1000km

VF Route

Via Francigena: Canterbury – Rome

Our other documented adventures can be found at:

2012: Camino (St Jean to Burgos) + Austria, Italy, Switzerland & France

2013: via Francigena (Lausanne to Vercelli) + Switzerland & Italy

2015: via Francigena (Vercelli to Gambassi Terme) + Malta, Italy, Austria, Germany
& Czech Republic

2016: Nepal trek (Solukhumbu area) + Post earthquake Chaurikharka school rebuilding
then Kathmandu & Nagarkot


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Jen and Pete,
    Looks like you’re having an absolutely marvellous time. Cold I keep reading, I suspect it will be equally cold in Holland so I’m rethinking what I’m taking! Keep up the most enjoyable commentary and pics it all looks wonderful. Norma.


    • Hi Norma,
      I don’t know about Holland but after a couple of slightly less cold days here, a cold wind has returned forcing us to rug up again. Jen has had five layers on for our walk today. I don’t feel the cold quote as much so I only had four layers. 😃
      You must be leaving soon for your trip so ‘buon viaggio’ to you.


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